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Cushion Your Bottom

I finally got around to doing something I have wanted to do ever since I brought these barstools. I got them because they were expensive and I needed extra seating from the kids and guest when we entertain. However, they are a bit boring and lack seat cushion. Well now, two years later, I finally have the time (thanks to Covid 19) to tackle this simple and quick DIY project. See below to find out how I changed from this

to these beauties!

To start, I detached the seat from the leg frame with a drill. I added some personality by painting the bottom of the legs with gold leaf. I then cut foam cushion to fit the seat. Next, lay the fabric down and the batting on top.

Position your cushion on top and wrap the batting and fabric around the seat. Using a heavy duty staple gun, staple the batting and fabric into place avoiding the seat holes. I marked the seat holes prior to stapling.

Next reattach the seat to the leg frame and voila', you have a cushion-your-bottom and add some personality barstool.

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