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Blended Families Can Work

Every fall, we enjoy a family trip to the farm to pick out pumpkins, get lost in the corn maze, enjoy a hayride around the farm and take family pictures. The farm is absolutely amazing and has a petting farm and fun area for kids that features a gigantic slide that looks like a spider which the kids can't get enough of. Our now annual trip to the farm is something that all the kids look forward to each year. What makes this trip extra special and memorable is we meet our son's sister and her mother there so all the children can bond. My son's sister is by ex-husband's daughter. While my ex-husband and I are still working to mend our relationship, I have an amazing friendship with my son's sister's mother which has been so great for the kids. My son's sister just so happens to be the same age as my daughter so when they met, they instantly became friends.

All the kids think of themselves as brother and sister even though my youngest two, Aliyah and Max are not my son's sister's biological siblings. Just like most kids, they don't know the difference. They are just happy to play with each other and enjoy each other's company. It means so much to all of them to spend time with each other in a stress-free, drama-free environment. It warms my heart that we have been able to blend our two families to insure our children bond and create memories together.

2019 Family Pic

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