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April Watlington-Smith


I am Certified Wellness Coach and Health Educator on a mission to encourage you to embrace healthy living and increase your happiness in life. My goal is to reduce your stress by providing simple strategies to assist you in reaching your wellness goals.  Take your journey with me as we learn to eat smart, maintain muscle as we age, strengthen our mind/body connection, create healthy living environments, and cultivating a life we love!

I am excited to get to know you and assist you in living your best life - a life of purpose, happiness, and good health!  


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Fresh Green Dip


Understanding the art of eating

Take the guess work out of eating and learn to craft balanced meals to reach your wellness and lifestyle goals.  

Barbell and Kettlebell Weights


Understand the power of movement

Learn how movement is essential for strong bones, muscle, stability, coordination, and every day function.  


Understand the mind/body connection

Learn how your thoughts and feelings contribute to your wellness and life success.  

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April Smith
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