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Let's get started in improving your wellness and fitness journey by keeping your goals focused, simple and intentional.  Whether you are seeking life balance, increased energy, weight management, or want to live stronger in mind, body, and spirit - we have the program for you!


Are you ready to live healthy, confident and strong in mind, body, and soul?

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Meet Your Coach

April Watlington-Smith


I am Certified Wellness Coach, Health Educator, and Fitness Instructor on a mission to encourage you to embrace healthy living and increase your happiness in life. My goal is to reduce your stress and increase your strength by providing simple strategies to assist you in reaching your wellness goals.  Take your journey with me as we learn to eat smart, maintain muscle as we age, strengthen our mind/body connection, create healthy living environments, and cultivating a life we love!

I am excited to get to know you and assist you in living your best life - a life of purpose, happiness, and good health!  



Fresh Green Dip

A four week wellness discovery

Focus on what matters most in reaching your wellness goals through self-discovery and intentional goal setting


Diet Salad

An exclusive wellness experience

Join our exclusive membership tribe and receive monthly motivation, accountability, and rewards points for living well


Women in Black Shirts

Take your wellness to the next level

Transform your life by joining our wellness transformations offered throughout the year.  

What People Say

Shayla Parker, VIP Member

''I'm most excited this week because I have worn two pair of jeans. During Covid in 2020, I literally could not wear any bottoms but leggings & yoga pants! I'm so happy to have gotten myself under control with consistent exercises & eating intentionally, thanks to Coach April!''

Marcellaus Joiner, VIP Member

"At the beginning of the challenge in April I was at 24% body fat. I am now at 23% and have gained 4lbs of muscle".

Mary Wilcox, VIP Member

"This (Clean It Up) Challenge has been a game changer for me.  Thanks April for all your hard work".


Tel: 336-830-4343

April Smith
Wellness Coaching & Consulting
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