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Here is why you should HIIT

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

Have you ever tried a HIIT workout. I know, hearing the word "intense" can sound scary. But let me tell you why a high intensity internal wokout can be one of the best workouts you do. First, what is high intenstiy internal training (HIIT). According to the The American Council on Exercise, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), involves repeated bouts of high-intensity effort with recovery times. Research suggests HIIT improves both metabolic function and cardiorespiratory fitness, and requires considerably less workout time. For someone like me, who has limited time, this type of workout meets great because you can complete a full body workout including cardio, strength, and core movements in as little as 30 minutes and reap MAJOR benefits!

Have I convinced you yet? Lets talk about the word "intensity". With all my workouts, I encourage my participants to push beyond their limits. It is when we push harder that we experience improvement and growth. With high intensity workouts, it pushes your body just a little harder in a short period of time changing your workout energy from aerobic to anaerobic. This enables your body to "effectively remove metabolic waste" and burn maximum calories up to 25-30% more calories then other workouts in a shorter period of time.

Now this is very important. As with every workout, I always tell my participants to "listen to your body". It will let you know when you are pushing yourself too hard. If you have shortening of breath, pain, dizziness while exercising, then stop, recover, and slowly rejoin the workout when you feel ready. While HIIT encourages you to push beyond your fitness comfort zone, it more important that your experience be positive and beneficial to your body. Slow things down if needed to make sure you are doing the exercise currently. Exercise form is more important than the speed or intensity of the workout. As you become familiar with movements, you can increase your intensity as needed.

Below is a HIIT workout I did for the SHE Women's Empowerment Conference for you to enjoy. Play your own music to make your workout even more enjoyable. Remember, you can lower your intensity by slowing down or doing the modifications provided in this video working up to high intensity when you are ready! You can do this! I believe in you!

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