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6 Exercises That Now Count

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

The World Health Organization just updated their physical activity guidelines and these six exercises are now included. I am excited because so often people think running or working out for hours a day are the only ways to stay in shape. Read below to see what now counts! Click on this link to view the actual article -

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently update it's physical activity guidelines based on evidence-based public health standards.

  1. Physical Activity While Sitting - Movement while you work standing or sitting now counts as exercise. This change was to acknowledge that people with disabilities or physical limitations can still find was to move their body to benefit their health.

  2. Short Movement Sessions - Limited on time? Well now, any movement counts. Take five minutes to stand up from your desk and dance to your favorite song. Move while watching your favorit TV show. Any movement at any time now counts as physical activity. Strive to increase heart rate to make your movement more beneficial.

  3. Weight Lifting - My favorite workout! This exercise revs your heart rate while building muscle and boosting your metabolism. It is recommended to weight lift at least twice a week .

  4. Balance Movements - Exercises like yoga and pilates count and are highly recommended especially as we get older.

  5. Leisure Walking - Take a stroll around the neighborhood.

  6. More Intensity, Less Days - Past recommendations were 150 - 300 minutes of physical activity per week. Now, if you up your intensity, you only have to do 75 to 150 minutes a week.

My Thoughts on the New Guidelines

The new guidelines were revised to make it easier for all people to engage in some form of physical activity. Less than 1 in 4 adults met the past physical activity guidelines. The new guidelines now acknowledge movements possible for those with disabilities, limitations, or limited time to stay active during the day and meet the minimum 150 minutes a week of moderate physical activity. I am excited to see weight lifting and balance movements included as physical activity because they are both important in retaining muscle and core stability which we naturally lose as we age. High intensity exercises are a great way to burn maximum calories and get a great workout especially for those limited on time. However, high intensity exercises may not be ideal for those who have physical limitations or disabilities. Remember, you can change the intensity of a workout by increasing number of reps, speed, resistance, or distance. High intensity does not always have to mean high impact activities. I truly believe any movement is great and beneficial to the body. I encourage those who walk as physical activity to try and put some pep-in-your step even if you are out for a leisure walk to raise your heart rate and up the intensity. With so many options, you should have no problem meeting the minimum recommendations of 150 minutes of moderate physical activity each week. Let me know your physical activity of choice.

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